Smart Solar Box

Can you imagine a life without electricity or our gadgets? Pandemic times have shown us that it is impossible! At the same time, we are all concerned about ever-rising electricity bills hitting hard on our monthly budget. Besides the cost, power interruptions add to our woes. Each one of us will be looking for an alternate solution to solve the problem. However, not all alternatives work correctly. They either cost too much to install and maintain or fail miserably despite the cost and effort.

We are all forever in search of affordable, sufficient, and cheaper ways to reduce energy bills. Solar panels could be reasonably effective but very expensive to install and maintain. They are not portable, so when you change your place, you may have to discard them and look for a new set up. Also, during winters and snowstorms, these solar panels do not work efficiently. During one such search for a cheaper, effective, easy-to-install solution for better power management, I came across an eBook – ‘Smart Solar Box’. Not only did my bills go down dramatically, but I also found them working all through the year at a low maintenance cost. The Smart Solar Box website is a member of the ClickBank marketplace. Here is my review of the product and what it can do for you!

What is Smart Solar Box and How It Functions

‘Smart Solar Box’ is an eBook created by Ryan Tanner with videos and instructions on setting up a solar energy source to distribute power to your house without interruption. All you need are some tools and batteries. The cost-effective setup will certainly help you run any appliance in the house and light up your home even when there is a blackout.

This is a digital program with instructions and information to build a solar box. Photos, videos, and written material are provided in the book.

You can assemble the box with minimal space, energy, and time. The components can be dismantled at any time and stored in the garage.

The entire unit is so small that it can fit into any place in your house. You can use the solar box effectively in case of any natural disasters. You need not spend anything on the maintenance of the appliance. You may need to clean the panels as per the instructions given in the eBook. It helps you with off-grid electricity at all times of power failure. The unit can charge even on a cloudy day.

The eBook contains written materials and videos to explain the whole process to even a non-techie beginner. The instructions are very straightforward. The various approaches as defined in the videos make the guide simple and straightforward. The videos explain what you should have to build the box. The entire process is safe and reliable, and you need not worry about any problems in making the panel.

Smart Solar Box

The book clarifies what materials are required, from where you can procure them, and how to assemble them with step-by-step instructions. Tools such as pliers, switches, and hand drills suggested by the book will be readily available at your local store. The solar panel box’s basic components include a 50-watt solar panel, two small or one big car batteries, a controller with adjustable power rates and USB ports, and a power inverter to convert solar power into a usable energy form.

The eBook explains how to use PVs to build your system, solar cells and calculating power, the various components used, the best positions for the panels, the entire process of building the box, parts you need to assemble, and how to build and test the solar panels.

The book talks about solar energy principles, technical regards, tools, components, how to assemble solar panels, how to prepare the box, wiring, and a recap. Also, the last chapters discuss how to test the device. A list of shops where you can buy the components is also included.

How it Works

The solar box gets its basic energy from the sun with the help of the solar panels which will be sufficient to provide power to your electrical appliances. Since the battery is rechargeable, you can have power even when the weather is playing truant. If you want more power, you can add some more batteries.

Free Bonus Ebooks

When you purchase the book, you get bonuses such as 10 Easy Steps to Build Your Solar Panel, which is a 35-page book for your better understanding of assembling solar panels. Another bonus is titled ‘Build Your Wind Turbine’, wind being another alternative source of energy. For any advanced user, the book provides information on wind turbines, doing away with common myths about wind power, generating power, basics of any generator, tips on batteries, steps on building a wind turbine and considering towers.


  • Self-explanatory instructions through videos and written materials
  • Cost-effective system
  • Anybody can build the solar box using the instructions.
  • It is not time-consuming.
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days.
  • Materials used are readily available at reasonable rates.
  • Easily portable, so you can shift it anywhere.
  • Reduces your dependency on power manufacturing companies, and you are self-sufficient using sustainable energy
  • A one-time charging of each battery can provide electricity for about 20 hours.
  • A long-lasting device with rechargeable batteries


  • In case more power is needed, you may have to spend additional money.
  • The book is available online only.
  • You may not like the book if you want a ready to use device.

Final verdict

The entire world is grappling with climate change, natural disasters, and the resultant power outages. We certainly need a good source of electrical power to handle any such eventualities. In less than three hours, you can build a smart solar box if you follow the instructions given in the book. You not only reduce your electricity bills, but you are also safe in the event of any natural calamity.

The Smart Solar Box will surely make you satisfied and happy. It needs no maintenance, and the construction cost is also very low. Since it is portable, you need not discard it in case you shift your house. You have nothing to lose since there is a money-back guarantee. You have access to an eco-friendly natural energy source that is quite dependable. I rate this product 4.5 stars!

Smart Solar Box

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