“The more that you read, the more things you will know,
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss

Reading is a wonderful habit best inculcated during early childhood. A child who loves reading will never be at a loss for things to do. In this technology-driven world today, the habit of reading is slowly dying out, with more and more children looking to play games on the internet versus reading.

Science reveals that the first five years of life are most critical for brain development, and the most learning happens at this time. The foundation of learning is laid, and the future of a child’s learning abilities is shaped.

As a parent, it’s most important to focus on a child’s overall brain development during the first few years. A big focal point should be – inculcating the habit of reading. If you are finding it difficult or need some help with getting your child interested in reading, there are tools available online to help you. Reading Head Start is one such handy tool for you. Here is a detailed review of what the product really is.

What is Reading Head Start?

reading head start system
Reading Head Start is a digital reading program suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 14 years. It has been developed by Sarah Shepard, an educator with over 14 years of experience.

Reading is a habit best mastered early. As the site name suggests, Reading Head Start is precisely that – it gives a head start to every child by helping him or her start reading early.

The Reading Head Start is a digital program, which means that it is fully available online. On sign up, you get access to a member’s area containing everything. You can easily access it from any device – be it your laptop, tablet, or even phone, making it a handy subscription to have.

Who is it for?

Does your child need the Reading Head Start program? If you would like your child to develop good reading skills, you should definitely consider a reading program like this one.

Program Details

reading head start system

Once you signup and login to the member’s area at the Reading Head Start program, you will find the program divided into four levels. Your child will need to work his way through levels one to four. There are reading videos, activities, worksheets, and more. The program also features interactive educational games to engage children.

The platform interface is simple, keeping in mind its primary audience i.e., young children. New activities and worksheets are added regularly, so children do not run out of things to do.

The program spans 40 weeks in total, which is split into the four levels. As a child completes each level, they are awarded a “Reading Head Start Certification,” which serves as a motivation to move ahead and boosts his morale.

As a parent, if you are hard-pressed for time, all you need is to spend about 15 minutes a day just three times a week and let the program do the rest!

Special Features of the Program

The focal points of the Reading Head Start program are:

  • The whole approach to reading is made fun and interesting.
  • The program helps build vocabulary and communication skills.
  • With an award and certification system, it boosts a child’s self-esteem and builds confidence in their abilities.
  • Interactive videos and games work to build a child’s social skills so that they communicate well with peers and adults alike.
  • A proven method to help reverse dyslexia in children is also included.


  • An extremely easy to navigate platform. Keeping the primary audience i.e. children in mind, the member’s area has been intuitively designed.
  • New worksheets and activities are added very regularly. There is always something new to engage children.
  • Unlimited access across multiple devices. So, if you have more children at home, everyone can use it with one purchased membership.
  • Its focuses on vocabulary. Children learn new words as well as their correct pronunciation.
  • The learning process is made extremely fun. The interface is colorful and attractive for children.
  • There’s a $1 trial offer to see if you like it. I like the fact that you can get in, see if you find it useful, and then opt for a one-year plan or a lifelong membership plan.
  • Children begin reading early, which gives them a boost in their school life.
  • Each time a person buys a membership, the site owner promises to sponsor a child’s education in a less fortunate country. You can view the details of the selected child inside the member’s area.
  • Three attractive bonuses are included. The bonuses are handy items and not just added for the sake of adding an extra.


  • The program is slightly expensive. As with most education-related programs, the price is somewhat high.
  • It is purely a digital product. For children, if they provided paper flashcards and some other worksheets, it would probably make a more significant impact than seeing it all on screen.

Final Verdict

Reading Head Start seems to be a promising educational tool for children. You can never go wrong with getting children introduced to reading early on, and this program is a helpful guide for parents. The website is a part of the ClickBank marketplace, which builds confidence that it is not a scam.

“I rate it 5 stars!

Along with the bonuses, the Reading Head Start program appears to have a very well thought out and logical approach to the learning process. The interactive games and the worksheets aim to build the intellectual capacity of children from an early age. The program also has a lot of helpful advice for parents. “The program is built in a way that does not require a parent to spend more than 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week, making it a great tool for working parents. The icing on the cake is the unlimited access across devices, making the membership shareable with others in the family. It’s excellent value for money!

reading head start system

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