IM Checklist

Have you been thinking of how good it will be to help your family live a comfortable life and save for the future with some other steady additional source of income? You’ve already probably heard tall claims about internet marketing as a potential money-making machine. However, you must understand that not all who plunge into internet marketing are successful, not earning as they wanted. Many people have even ended up abandoning their efforts in establishing their internet marketing setup. If you don’t want to go down the same path, you need professional help from a reliable source.

If you understand the nuances and move ahead with some extra care, internet marketing offers you total financial security and lots of free time to execute what you really love to do in life. For this, you need tested and tried techniques and the guidance of an expert. If you are a newbie like me, you may be totally confused. I found IM Checklist – a digital product that will help you take your business to a different level. Here’s my review of IM Checklist.

What is IM Checklist

Created by Kevin Fahey, IM Checklist provides you with multiple internet marketing strategies based on which you can start working on your business. It can be offline marketing, SEO marketing, WordPress marketing, blogs, or email marketing. With 18 checklists, users are shown the ins and outs of internet marketing strategies. Since the product is offered to you with White Label Rights and Private Label Rights, there is no concern about the legalities. The in-depth training will hone your internet marketing skills. Webinars are beneficial in practice as you can share your ideas, clear your doubts, and exchange files too.

How IM Checklist Works

IM Checklist

IM Checklist comes up with the best possible e-commerce solutions for the present-day world. The guide gets the latest options applicable to the latest trends. The pros and cons of Shopify and details on how to set it up are provided. The checklist tells you if BigCommerce is suitable for you and if so, how to go ahead with it. Setting up WooCommerce in less than 30 minutes is another advantage you will get from this list. The program lets you learn to identify items that attract customers and will be sold in no time. You will be taught to sell your handmade products for a very profitable online business.

Tactics on how to grab the visitor’s attention are shown. You will learn how to make your online store as attractive and desirable as possible. The checklist will teach you to effectively use Free Plus Shipping Model to build your client base.

Guidelines on how to add upsells to your marketing strategies are provided as it is arguably one of the best as well as fastest means of increasing your earnings. You will learn to create newsletters for your store and thereby expand your client base with promotions and deals. Best practices for efficient and faster delivery of products to the clients are shared here. What important pages your e-comm store should have to attract customers are discussed here, and you will learn how to structure them. When you meticulously follow the guidelines given here, you will easily convert customers into repeat buyers. The means of getting social media into your store to expand your client base and increase sales are explained in detail.

Each volume in this checklist is directed at making your internet marketing venture a successful one. The checklist is highly effective and helpful in your efforts to become an internet marketer. You learn what to do and thereby save time and maximize profits. The best part is that you are spared of any hard work. You know what you are going to do rather than guessing what to do.

All the checklists come in the form of document files, printable PDFs, Google XL spreadsheets, and have interactive mind maps for tracking, designing, and analyzing the process. You also have bonus offers such as:

  • FB mastermind group access – you can get help when you get stuck and ask questions. You can share your ideas to take your business forward.
  • You will learn how to use the PLR to save time and improve your profit.
  • 7 Figure Book Bundle teaches you how to take your business to great heights very quickly, use simple techniques, understand where you stand in your business, and what you should do to achieve your targets.
  • 101 ways to profit from PLR, use the content to make money from it for a long time to come.
  • IM product launching – to learn how to launch your digital product.


  • The checklists are very relevant to the day and have been proved to be successful tools.
  • Access to live training and webinars every month
  • Many online marketers have found this to be extensively useful and offered positive remarks.
  • Time and money are saved as you are guided in the right direction.
  • You can use the details to improvise your project, whether you are an advanced internet marketer or a newbie.
  • Since it comes with Private Label Rights, you can add graphics, edit, or rebrand, and you can also add the list to the paid membership sites.
  • Full access trial for five days at a cost of $ 3
  • Money-back guarantee within 14 days if you don’t like the product.


  • A recurring fee as it is a monthly payment, and checklists are updated once a month.
  • No master resell rights or private label rights, and you cannot put them on free membership sites.

Should You Buy It?

The product is a worthwhile investment if you are serious about internet marketing. A convenient way to figure it out is to opt for the full access trial at a nominal charge of $3. I really liked this aspect. To give out a full access trial invariably means that the owner is very confident about the product!

If you are keen on entering the internet marketing world, the checklists are valuable as they are tabulated by an expert internet marketer. You will know where to start and how to proceed with the checklist. You have minimal chances of forgetting something vital since you will follow step-by-step instructions. You will definitely be thrilled to see the outcome and be inspired to further improve your business.


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