369 manifestation

Don’t we all believe that wealth, health, and love are the most important things in life? We are all running a marathon race to achieve these, and jumping on to the bandwagon are numerous websites claiming to help you with suggestions on how to win our goal.

How to identify the perfect solution? The 369 Manifestation Code, inspired by Tesla Nikola, has been created by Darius. The program shows you how you can fulfil your desires by utilising the power lying within you. All that you need to do is open up your mind, to view universe in its broader spectrum, and achieve your goals.

What is 369 Manifestation Code and How it Works

369 manifestationIt is the belief of many in the world that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are fully empowered to attract love, health, and wealth – all from the universe. It contains audios that have a deeper impact on your brain waves and to purify the root chakra to help you achieve your goals. The program reveals how negative energy prevents you from attracting positive vibes to get what you want in life.

All our emotions and response are influenced by sounds and vibrations. You feel relaxed when you hear soft music, and loud noises make you panic. It is Tesla’s firm belief that some sound waves bring in positive vibes. In olden days, people spent most of their time meditating to get into the Alpha Brain Wave state to calm the mind and achieve greater focus. With the habit slowly waning away from our lives, our mind is being tormented by worries.

369 Manifestation Code claims that when our chakra is cleared, the vista to achieve what you desire opens up. You can focus and relax easily. According to Darius, using the program is very easy. You just need 10 minutes of your time to listen to the audio in the program. Once you are relaxed, your brain gets time to activate the Alpha Brain Wave pattern to manifest the changes. Your brain is filled with the new positive vibrations to achieve what you want in life.

There are three steps that you have to follow to change your life altogether. Your mind gets connected to the universe. All the negative vibes are removed, and your mind learns to feel only positivity, resulting in higher quality of life.

The program consists of audiobooks. You also get a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program. The program does not have any side effects as well.

There are bonuses that come with the program once you become a member:

  • The Millionaire Mindset Shift – you will know what millionaires do differently so that you can also follow in their footsteps to win your goals.
  • The Health Chakra Spinner – this audio helps you identify your chakra and to learn ways of becoming healthy. There are myriad cultures in the world that have always maintained that it is the energies in your body that are responsible for your health.
  • Money Confidence Booster – you become more confident when money starts flowing in, and you will realise the value of money too.
  • Money Abundance Magnet Moves – from these audios you know to accept positive behaviour and attract more energy.

369 hertz is the sound that can impact you in various ways and keep the brain in its Alpha state. Increase in focus and calm mind are what you can achieve by practicing this. All negative thoughts vanish, and you will be able to realise your full potential.

You just have to relax when you listen to the music, absorb, and connect to the universe. Your mind will be trained to continue the knowledge that you got by continuing to meditate.

When you start following the 369 Manifestation Code, you gain full financial liberty. Opportunities will come your way easily. Your relationships with others improve, leading to happiness and complete satisfaction. Your self-confidence gets a huge boost as you are financially well off to realise your dreams.

The entire program works on autopilot mode, and your present financial position does not matter at all. The 3 steps involved in the program are:

  • Take your time to relax and for ten minutes listen to the sound that alters the vibration in you.
  • Allow enough time to set your mind to the Alpha Brain Wave pattern for all the changes to take place deeply.
  • Let the new vibrations and thinking patterns fix in your mind and let you understand the reality without much conscious effort.


  • You do not have to participate in any seminars by paying money
  • The program contains only 10-minute-long audios to be heard for two weeks
  • You need not undergo any intensive training to achieve the breakthrough
  • You will not feel any body exertion when you practice the program
  • You can convert all your dreams into reality by following just 3 steps
  • The program is easy to understand and follow
  • You will get a total peace of mind, get rid of all negative thoughts, and reduce anxiety and stress.
  • It does not involve taking any pills or consumables, which may lead to undesirable side-effects.
  • It is not taxing on your time.


  • Total commitment to the instructions is needed to achieve your goal.
  • It may not work for some people even they follow the program.

Final Verdict

By using the numbers 3, 6, and 9, you can open a new vista to success. Thousands of people have followed this program and achieved what they longed for. It is the key to a lavish lifestyle, financial freedom, love, and health. All you need to do is listen to audios that are 10 minutes long. Without any physical exertion or any techniques that are dull and drab, you can connect to the universe and get all that you desired for.

You need not lose hope when you have worked on all financial options and yet did not succeed. 369 Manifestation Code is there for you! All you need to do is pay a very small amount to buy the program. The result can be seen in 24 hours for many people, but again it differs from person to person. With your money secure, there seems to be no reason to hesitate to register and get all your dreams fulfilled. I rate this program with a 5 star based on the reviews and the content.

369 manifestation

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